Excerpts Archive | 9/9/2009
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Excerpts: Revenge of the Giants

In today's Revenge of the Giants excerpts, we present encounters with hill, frost, and fire giants... plus, some special guests in the audience chamber!

Revenge of the Giants

Giants have banded together under an alliance of three titan lords to finally get their revenge for the defeats and insults of the past. Moreover, they seek to reclaim the world that they helped create, and to achieve this lofty goal they have set a plan in motion to free one of the most powerful primordials—the master of fire, earth, and frost, Piranoth the World Mover.

  • Adventure Synopsis (163 Kbs PDF)
    As the Dawn War came to a close, some of the gods established contingencies so that the people of the world could defend themselves should threats once again appear out of the darkness at the borders of the world. One of these contingencies was the creation of the city of Argent and the establishment of the Paragon Compact. This agreement between all of the civilized people of the world put in place a mutual defense pack, with Argent as the first line of defense...

  • New Magic Items: Implements of Argent (170 Kbs PDF)
    The Implements of Argent were crafted specifically for champions who proved themselves to be worthy of the Silver Cloaks. Alone, each item provides its wielder with added power and defenses, but when linked with similar items wielded by teammates, the powers of these items truly shine.

  • E3: Infiltrating the Compound ( (801 Kbs PDF)
    The compound is constructed of thick logs, with solid walls and a slanted roof. The gate ahead looks strong and sturdy. A hill giant is yelling at a pair of ogres as you approach, and none of them have appeared to notice you as yet.

  • F9: Frost Forge (744 Kbs PDF)
    A small hill of earth and stone breaks up the seemingly endless sheets of ice that stretch before you. A cave opens onto a set of stairs carved into the rock that descend deeper into the Frost Spire.

    The corpses of three frost giants are scattered in the snow just outside the cave entrance. They appear to have been dead long before they fell here, as no blood covers the snow, and their flesh is dried and pulled taught over their bones. The barking of hounds echoes from deep within the cave.

  • G2: Audience Chamber (767 Kbs PDF)
    A raised dais at the center of the far wall of the chamber features a black obsidian throne built for a creature much larger than a human. No one sits upon the throne, but a sword-wielding fire giant stands at attention at the foot of the stairs. A detailed mosaic depicting a red dragon adorns the center of the floor. To either side, giant-sized trestle tables are positioned for either a feast or a meeting. A drow female sits cross-legged atop the dais, surrounded by five drow males in chain armor. She seems to be lecturing the drow. Three more fire giants stand at the other end of the chamber, apparently extremely bored by whatever the drow is talking about.

    On the walls hang battered shields—mostly humansized, but a few intended for giant-sized wielders are displayed as well. There’s a wide variety, all dented, crumpled, or otherwise showing signs of battle damage.