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Excerpts: EPG Rituals
Eberron Player's Guide

In today’s Eberron Player's Guide preview, we present new rituals wherein you wave away your companions' weariness... and you can always make change.

The world of Eberron is rife with rituals. Whether astonishing innovations developed by the Arcane Congress or ancient ceremonies taught by the Great Druid Oalian, rituals are cornerstones of Eberron’s societies.

Rituals By Level

Level Ritual Key Skill
1 Conceal Dragon mark Arcana
2 Fluid Funds Arcana
3 Summon Winds Arcana or Nature
4 Eavesdropper’s Foil Arcana
6 Ancestral Whispers Religion
6 Find the Path Nature
6 Steed Summons Arcana
7 Spirit Idol Heal
8 Inquisitive’s Eyes Arcana
10 Enhance Vessel Arcana
10 Secure Shelter Arcana or Nature
11 Banish Illusions Arcana
12 Seeming Arcana
14 Masking Shroud Arcana
16 Fantastic Recuperation Heal
20 Scry Trap Arcana

Fluid Funds

You can always make change.

Level: 2
Category: Creation
Time: 1 minute
Duration: Instantaneous
Component Cost: 0 gp, plus a focus worth 100 gp
Market Price: 100 gp
Key Skill: Arcana (no check)
Special Requirement: You must have the Mark of Warding feat (see below) to master and perform this ritual.

You drop coins, gemstones, or other valuable items into a specially prepared coffer and close the lid. When you open the lid, a quantity of coins appears in the box equal to the value of the items deposited inside. With this ritual, you can exchange a number of silver coins for a smaller number of gold coins of equivalent value, exchange a gemstone for its worth in gold, or exchange an art object for coins. Magic items and mundane equipment are not affected by this ritual.

Focus: A coffer.

Mark of Warding (Dragon mark)

Benefit: Whenever one of your powers grants a bonus to a defense, increase that bonus by 1.

Whenever you mark an enemy, that enemy takes a –3 penalty to attack rolls for attacks that don’t target you instead of the normal –2 penalty.

You can master and perform rituals in the warding category and the Fluid Funds (page 118), Knock (PH 307), and Leomund’s Secret Chest (PH 307) rituals as if you had the Ritual Caster feat.

Fantastic Recuperation

You wave away your companions' weariness.

Level: 16 Category: Restoration Time: 1 hour Duration: Instantaneous Component Cost: 3,600 gp Market Price: 9,000 gp Key Skill: Heal (no check)

You absorb the fatigue that you and your allies have suffered and cast it away. At the end of the ritual, you and your allies gain the benefits of an extended rest without spending any time resting. You cannot use this ritual if you could not normally begin an extended rest (see Player’s Handbook page 263).

Greater heroes accrue greater fatigue and require more effort to recuperate. At 21st level, this ritual costs 9,000 gp to perform. At 26th level, this ritual costs 45,000 gp to perform.

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