Excerpts Archive | 3/2/2009
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Excerpts: Zealous Assassin
Player's Handbook 2

In today’s Player's Handbook 2 preview, we introduce a new paragon path for the avenger: the zealous assassin!

Zealous Assassin

"It is the will of Sehanine that the servants of Lolth should die as they lived—in silence and in secret."

Prerequisite: Avenger, trained in Stealth

Every avenger is trained in the ruthless art of combat and skilled in the art of isolating a foe and dispatching it with a few swift blows. Some avenger sects also emphasize the art of stealth—particularly those dedicated to deities who favor stealth, shadows, and secrecy, including Sehanine, Lolth, Zehir, and Vecna. Among these avengers, the most dangerous follow the path of the zealous assassin.

As a follower of this path, you embody devotion and ruthlessness in equal measure, making you a deadly weapon aimed at your deity’s foes. Your skills are focused on the ability to slip in and out of shadows at the edge of combat, dealing blows that quickly dispose of enemies. You pool shadows around yourself or hide in a nimbus of divine light, and you master techniques that take advantage of openings in combat, dealing greater damage when you have combat advantage or against bloodied foes. At the culmination of the path, you can make yourself invisible to your foe, then sear it with blinding radiance that leaves it more susceptible to your attacks.

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