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They come at sunset—mysterious warriors wearing armor of golden alloy. At first they numbered only a handful, but over the past two months, more and more of the marauders have appeared to terrorize the peaceful trade-towns that comprise the Barony of Horn. What they want, no one knows—the golden warriors never speak. They lay waste to farms and villages without warning. The armored raiders have dragged scores of captives off to unknown fates, vanishing into the wilds east of the Barony of Horn. The warriors are known as the Legion of Gold, and no one knows where they will strike next.

Legion of Gold offers a new adventure and more monstrous mutants for your D&D Gamma World game!

A special thanks goes to Jon Schindehette, senior art director for this project, plus artists and cartographers Dave Allsop, Steve Ellis, Michael Faille, Patrick Thomas Parnell, Federico Piatti, Jared Blando, and Jason A. Engle.

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