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They lurk in the shadows. They beat down the doors. They wrap their slimy tentacles around you and drag you down into a hole. They come with fire, axes, spells, and teeth. They are the creatures of Dungeons & Dragons, and they are yours to command.

Monster Vault is a reference for Dungeon Masters that contains the essential monsters of the Dungeons & Dragons game. Inside the pages of this book, you’ll find a codex of monsters and villains to throw at the heroes as they delve into dungeons or stage attacks on planar fortresses. You can use this book as a reference when running published adventures or as a tool when designing your own encounters.

A special thanks goes to Jon Schindehette, senior art director for this project, plus artists Dave Allsop, Steve Argyle, Daren Bader, Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai, Chippy, Stephen Crowe, Julie Dillon, Wayne England, Jason A. Engle, Carl Frank, Lars Grant-West, David Griffith, Fred Hooper, Michael Komarck, Todd Lockwood, Warren Mahy, Raven Mimura, Jim Nelson, William O’Connor, rk post, Steve Prescott, Wayne Reynolds, Marc Sasso, Ron Spears, Anne Stokes, Sarah Stone, Arnie Swekel, Francis Tsai, Udon, Pete Venters, Eva Widermann, Sam Wood, Ben Wootten.

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