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Primal Power is all about the natural world, which is more than plants, animals, mountains, and forests. Primal magic is a fundamental force of the natural world that holds the often malevolent forces of the planes at bay. As a wielder of primal magic, your character is an inheritor of this tradition.

A special thanks goes to Jon Schindehette, art director for this project, plus artists Steve Argyle, Ralph Beisner, Eric Belisle, Kerem Beyit, Chippy, Mitch Cotie, Jesper Ejsing, Jason A. Engle, Tomas Giorello, Howard Lyon, Warren Mahy, Raven Mimura, Jim Nelson, William O’Connor, Hector Ortiz, Wayne Reynolds, Chris Seaman, Eva Widermann, Sam Wood, and Ben Wootten.

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