Issue # Date
#204 #204 July, 2012 Survive the rise of the Underdark! Search for a missing wizard in Downshadow. Face the kuo-toa and their dreaded Sea Mother. Steal a sword from a swordwing. Squash some creepy crawlers from the Demonweb.
#205 #205 August, 2012 Protect a town from a serial killer’s wrath. Confront a troublesome bear with a hankering for halflings. Fly the unfriendly skies, match wits with a fey thief, and meet a crooked pillar of the planar community.
#206 #206 September, 2012 Retrieve a stolen spellbook before it destroys peace in the Five Nations. Meet Waterdeep’s nefarious beholder crime lord, and accept a dubious offer of employment. Learn the secrets of the shapeshifting malaugrym.
#207 #207 October, 2012 The master of Ravenloft welcomes you to his domain—but not for long. Hunt evil in the halls of the observatory-fortress known as Starhaunt. Escape a domain of dread ruled by a mad treant.
#208 #208 November, 2012 A dead dragon gets a new lease on life. A goblin pirate needs the heroes’ help. See how the Demon Prince of Deception brings ruin to all he encounters. Learn the dark secrets of the fey’ri. Think twice before uncorking an iron flask.
#209 #209 December, 2012 Unearth the dark secrets of Bansouk’s nefarious crocodile cult. Meet a dwarven prospector whose worst enemy is himself. Revisit the ancient dungeon below the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan.
#210 #210 January, 2013 Help the Harpers break an unholy alliance. Survive a harrowing confrontation with the Blood of Gruumsh. Withstand the siege against Gardmore Abbey. This month, Dungeon Magazine takes on the theme of war!
#211 #211 February, 2013 Watch out for giant snails, hungry bats, and screaming scarecrows. Lift the sinister curse of the village of Baron’s Hill. Seek two star-crossed lovers in a crystal cave, beyond which lies an enchanted garden.
#212 #212 March, 2013 Storm the abyssal palace of the demon lord Graz'zt in search of a lost angel. See what haunts the ruined moat house near Hommlet. Escape the Twisted Thickets and have your revenge.
#213 #213 April, 2013 I hope you like owlbears, pirates, and deathtraps, 'cause this issue's full of them! This month in Dungeon: Storm the island stronghold of the dread pirate Braxis. Race your owlbear over the mountain. And survive the Tomb of Horrors!
#214 #214 May, 2013 This month, we get to explore one of the first D&D dungeons ever created and experience it in a whole new light: featuring the Dungeon! Fantasy Board Game. Plus, the Elder Elemental Eye!
#215 #215 June, 2013 This month, a dead pharaoh’s pyramid is slowly making its way across the desert to its new home. Plus, the Slave Lords are dead, yet one survives! Journey to a remote monastery to end the vile threat once and for all.
#216 #216 July, 2013 An undead wizard is about to light a fire under the citizens of Starpine Vale. A dead goblin king finds new life in the body of an unlucky ranger. And drow have taken hostages in the temple of the sun god!
#217 #217 August, 2013 This month, it started with a children's verse, and then things went from bad to worse. Plus, who knows what evil lurks in the minds of gnomes?
#218 #218 September, 2013 This month, evil forces have conquered the fortress of Ghere Thau. A terrible curse has befallen the villagers of Arnesbloom. And Lolth conspires to take Mystra’s place as the god of magic.
#219 #219 October, 2013 The Halloween season is here, and we have lots of scary stuff this month to celebrate!
#220 #220 November, 2013 The month, let the real world—past or present—inspire your next adventure.
#221 #221 December, 2013 The time has come to say farewell, but not goodbye.
#364 #364 June, 2008 4th Edition is finally here, and with it, the re-launch of Dragon! Check out the first articles for issue #364, which kicks off with a brand-new Demonomicon of Iggwilv article on Yeenoghu, and "Playing Warforged," an article that builds on the information for the race presented in the 4E Monster Manual.
#365 #365 July, 2008 From the Ecology of the Dragonborn to our newest feature enabling you to playtest the artificer class, issue #365 will be sure to have something to liven up your D&D game.
#366 #366 August, 2008 Dragon #366 will take you to the Feywild, the Far Realm, and beyond. Plus, this issue includes plenty of new support of this month’s release of the 4th Edition Forgotten Realms.
#367 #367 September, 2008 Investigate the shadowy worlds of renegade drow and gnolls who prowl the PC's path. Dig into the Ecology of the Genasi, new epic destinies from the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, and intelligent items in your D&D campaign.
#368 #368 October, 2008 It's the barbarian, baby! Playtest this terrific class months before Player's Handbook II's release. Plus, we have gladiators, gladiator campaigns, artifacts and advice on using them, a domain of dread, skill challenges, the low-down on death and dying, Eberron, Ampersand, and more!
#369 #369 November, 2008 This issue brings you minotaurs as player characters, Baphomet as their deity of choice, Io'Vanthor as the lost city of the dragonborn, the spawn of Yeenoghu, and trade secrets of dragon slayers. Plus great behind-the-scenes peeks at what's coming and why!
#370 #370 December, 2008 Tiamat's loyal servants, a faction devoted to death in the City of Doors, Mual-Tar the chained serpent, monsters of the Demonweb -- it's an issue crammed with holiday horrors. Plus, preview the druid, study cosmology, and build more challenging skill challenges.
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