Issue # Date
#389 #389 July, 2010 The countdown to D&D Essentials begins with no fewer than six preview articles, along with more on psionic racial traditions, minotaurs, humans, monks, seekers, druids, rogues, Dark Sun, the ancient war between Bael Turath and Arkhosia, player character origins, and the usual assortment of columns!
#390 #390 August, 2010 The countdown to D&D Essentials continues. Accompanying it are Athasian templars and escaped slaves, magic items for bards, priests who worship dead gods, sorcerers, warlords, eladrin, gnomes, drow, fiction by Ed Greenwood, and the usual assortment of columns!
#391 #391 September, 2010 Playtest the Essentials Assassin. Pursue ferocious beasts in the wastelands of Athas. Explore Faerun as a shadar-kai. Serve Moradin in all things. Free your brothers and sisters from servitude in the Elemental Chaos. Play a mul anywhere. And crack heads with your trusty staff.
#392 #392 October, 2010 Heroes face their dark legacies. Kord scowls down upon a weak and whimpering world. The earth domain is opened up to Essentials clerics. Cavaliers call their mounts. Wardens summon fey allies. Illumian words of power are plucked from the echoes.
#393 #393 November, 2010 The Murkroot Trade Moot reveals its location. Nerath lives on in immortal legacy. Athasian grandmasters offer gladiatorial training. The hexblade an Essentials presentation and a new fey blade. Cavaliers mount up. Wilden and devas gain options.
#394 #394 December, 2010 The Essentials assassin appears in its final form. Open your mind to a totem from the Far Realm. Re-skin your character's powers. Discover legendary wondrous items of the eladrin and the secrets of Corellon. Plus runepriests, psions, shifters in the Realms, and Famine in Far-Go.
#395 #395 January, 2011 The knight gets a new, eladrin-flavored twist. The ardent receives some empathic options. Vecna picks up a few non-evil followers. Primal sprits of Athas are scrutinized, along with the varying forms assumed by deities. And heroes learn how to build strongholds and make friends.
#396 #396 February, 2011 Play a genasi from the Silt Sea of Athas. Collect all eight parts of the Beast of Talgora. Add a new phase to your action rounds. Train with the primal energy-infused bards of Wolfstone. Ascend to the highest level of mastery as a hierophant druid. Join the legendary Last Legion of Nerath.
#397 #397 March, 2011 The Class Compendium warlord makes its appearance. Clerics explore the world of faith and heresy. Ioun bestows epic destinies on his favored sages. Henchmen seek employment. Ability score options are extended to most races. And Athasian spellcasters gain familiars.
#398 #398 April, 2011 Worship at the feet of strange gods. Tread the Ever-Forking Path. Shop for an item that will help you to focus your ki. Sharpen up your gambling skills. Investigate the history and legends of Nerath and the City of Silver. Find the ritual you need. Plus Confessions, Ampersand, and the weaponmaster.
#399 #399 May, 2011 Speed up your combat. Adopt new themes: for heroes of nature and lore, of the tome, of virtue… or heroes for hire. Investigate the history and legends of Nerath and the Kings of Karkoth. Look back at spellcasting and ioun stones. Plus Confessions, Ampersand, and the templar.
#400 #400 June, 2011 The big 4-0-0. In celebration of Dragon magazine’s 400th issue, members of the R&D staff reflect on past articles that made a lasting impression. Also, the return of Dragonmirth, the Scoundrel playtest, and Bazaar of the Bizarre: Wrought from the Gloom.
#401 #401 July, 2011 Riddle me this: How is publishing like a drop in the Mississippi River? Also, the continuation of Dragonmirth, the Fatedancer character theme -- and jousting, wrestling, and boxing!
#402 #402 August, 2011 Hey Kas! Vecna called. He wants his eye and hand back. Discover the power of the gods in the wreckage they leave behind. Play a Son of Alagondar or a Seeker of Illefarn in a Neverwinter campaign. Trade class utility powers for racial ones, and pump up your weapon and implement expertise.
#403 #403 September, 2011 It’s "back to school" month in Dragon magazine, with five new arcane academies and rules for playing 0-level characters. In addition, warlocks can learn to unlock the power of the elder constellations, and artificers discover their place in the Forgotten Realms.
#404 #404 October, 2011 Hone your ninja assassin skills, or play a samurai, sohei, Hordelands nomad, or yakuza. Explore the spiritual lives of the shapeshifting hengeyokai. Add honor to your D&D campaign. PLUS: The runepriests of Kara-Tur and fistfighting monks!
#405 #405 November, 2011 Play a hero of the Moonshae Isles, a Wild Hunt rider, or an oracle of the evil eye. Give your eladrin, elf, or drow character some luvvin’. Break out the spells of the Winterguard swordmages, and see what shattered the Circle of Eight. PLUS: New rituals for heroic-tier characters!
#406 #406 December, 2011 Evil rules! Play a black-hearted knave, an infernal prince, or a warlock binder who flirts with dark fey. "Nerathi Legends" concludes with those insufferable rangers of Cernall. PLUS: Paragons of fey valor, gnome spies, Ur-Draxa, and the beholder empire of Xraunrarr.
#407 #407 January, 2012 Add romance to your D&D game. Join the Purple Dragons or War Wizards of Cormyr, or the Sentinel Marshals of House Deneith. Meet two heroes of the Valenar elves and Athas’s crazy desert "king."
#408 #408 February, 2012 The gods and the primordials need YOU! See why Gruumsh hates Corellon. Meet four genie nobles seeking powerful adventurers. Unearth relics of the lost gods of Athas. Explore Eberron’s “devils’ playground” and new racial utility powers for dragonborn, half-orcs, and tieflings.
#409 #409 March, 2012 Master the secret language of thieves. Join a famous thieves’ guild in Faerûn. Learn some new dice games. Find the lost gold of the Merendil family. Meet the Black Blade of Raam. Play a Blackstaff apprentice, Halaster’s clone, a Masked Lord of Waterdeep, or a warpriest with the conquest domain.
#410 #410 April, 2012 Play a werewolf like in the movies. Build your own paper dragon. Plunder the treasure vaults of a sorcerer-king, visit an island in the Lhazaar Principalities ruled by vampires, or hear what the talking door of Waterdeep has to say. Plus: Futuristic weapons of the Barrier Peaks.
#411 #411 May, 2012 Become the God-Emperor of Nerath. Battle the evil tsochar and their puppets. Storm a mysterious flying ship. Plunder a ruined city in the Mournland. PLUS: New options for thri-kreen and kenku characters.
#412 #412 June, 2012 Mariners are adventurers, too. Buy a ship, hire a crew, and set sail! PLUS: Cool stuff for worshipers of Chauntea and Silvanus, champions of the Sovereign Host, the thing in the crypt, and more.
#413 #413 July, 2012 The drow invade Dragon with new themes for drow characters and their allies. PLUS: Seekers of the Moonrise Vale, the Injury Deck, and magic crowns from the worlds of Athas, Eberron, and Toril.
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