Issue # Date
#381 #381 November, 2009 The Seeker debuts in this issue of Dragon, giving another exclusive preview of what's coming in Player's Handbook 3. The mysterious Vistani get covered in detail, as do the Raven Queen, primal characters, abyssal genasi, dragonshard items, barbarians, and wizards.
#171 #171 October, 2009 The Scales of War adventure path continues in "Grasp of the Mantled Citadel;" plus Dungeoncraft, Save My Game, and Skill Challenges!
#380 #380 October, 2009 The Seeker debuts in this issue of Dragon, giving another exclusive preview of what's coming in Player's Handbook 3. The mysterious Vistani get covered in detail, as do the Raven Queen, primal characters, abyssal genasi, dragonshard items, barbarians, and wizards.
#170 #170 September, 2009 The Scales of War adventure path continues into the epic tier with "Betrayal at Monadhan;" barbarians attack the Moonsea North in "Monument of the Ancients;" we offer guided tours of an aboleth stronghold and the city of Fairhaven; plus Dungeoncraft, Save My Game, and Skill Challenges!
#379 #379 September, 2009 The assassin is here! Get the scoop on all three tiers of assassin play in this issue. You'll also find exciting new skill powers, cleric and warden essentials, great-weapon fighters, and Forgotten Realms updates. To round things out, we include class design notes and the City of Doors.
#169 #169 August, 2009 August brings you a Dungeon issue chock-full of bird-themed adventure in Stormcrow Tor and Oasis of the Golden Peacock. Hall of the Snake God and Crown of the Troll King are short adventures worthy of an evening's play, plus the usual DM and campaign advice.
#378 #378 August, 2009 August sees the githzerai arrive as more Player's Handbook 3 Debut content. Bahamut gets plenty of attention in both Channel Divinity and Deities & Demigods articles; Monadhan is featured in Domains of Dread; and both Eberron and Forgotten Realms are examined in light of Divine Power.
#168 #168 July, 2009 The Scales of War adventure path leads characters to the githyanki city of Tu'narath, where they may find allies, forge a lasting peace, and finally end the githyanki threat. Elsewhere, heroes can strike a blow for freedom by freeing the citizens of Elmhollow from a neogi slaver's Web of Chains.
#377 #377 July, 2009 Look behind the scenes of the psion class with designer commentary. Then explore the githyanki city of Tu'narath, study the philosophy of familiars in Eberron, learn the intricacies of the Disciples of Vengeance, explore Airspur, the city of genasi, and pick up tips on using Huge monsters in exciting encounters.
#167 #167 June, 2009 Take your first steps into (or return to!) the Eberron campaign setting with Heart of the Forbidden Forge. The Scales of War Adventure Path continues in Garaitha's Anvil, in which the PCs can strike a telling blow against a githyanki stronghold and planar nexus -- but will they survive the attempt?
#376 #376 June, 2009 Revenants! Learn about this exciting new character race, only on D&D Insider. While you're here, read up on fell taints, the demon Turaglas, the ecology of the rust monster, adventurers from Forgotten Realms, and playtest a chunk of Monster Manual 3. There's also bards, the Moonshaes, artificers, dragonmarks, and much more!
#166 #166 May, 2009 The adventure path leads squarely to the Throne of the Stone-Skinned King, where adventurers square off against a mad fomorian king with a powerful artifact. Storm Tower is your chance to follow in the footsteps of Acquisitions Inc. Are you up to the challenges faced by the folk behind Penny Arcade and PVP?
#375 #375 May, 2009 Learn about the Keepers of the Celestian Order, transparency in DMing, a new domain of dread, and the dominion of Nehu. You can also playtest Monster Manual 3 beasties and the new monk! Plus RPGA Report, Design & Development, D&D Alumni, Expeditionary Dispatches, and other great columns you know and love.
#165 #165 April, 2009 The Scales of War goes nautical at the island nation of Nefelus; a megalomaniacal dragonborn tries to resurrect the ancient glory of Arkhosia; an invisible evil stalks the halls of the White Lotus Academy of arcane knowledge; plus Skill Challenges, Save My Game, and Dungeoncraft!
#374 #374 March, 2009 Study magic at the White Lotus Academy, pick up a unique familiar when you graduate, learn about the Prince of Frost and the deva, and polish up on your orcish brutishness. There's also Arcane Power, the Wilden, and hybrid characters, plus enough columns to build a Greek temple.
#373 #373 March, 2009 Along with copious treats from the brand new Player's Handbook 2, this issue contains assassins' secrets, gruesome details on the archdevil Alloces and its hideous creations, a look behind primal powers, and the ecology of the Sharn.
#164 #164 February, 2009 Kidnappings from merchant caravans ... a flying ship ... githyanki ... dark forces that threaten the world ... and dungeon delving all feature in Dungeon #164. Add to those the priceless offerings of Save My Game, Dungeoncraft, and Ruling Skill Challenges, and you have one action-packed month!
#163 #163 February, 2009 Eladrin disappearing from the Feywild ... a summons from an unexpected ally that triggers a journey across the planes ... rifts in reality that allow horrors beyond imagining and comprehension to shatter minds and worlds ... These are the challenges and adventures that await in Dungeon #163!
#372 #372 February, 2009 The Shadowfell, necromancy, evil deities, plane-stalking PCs, the city of Tarmalune, and the newly-released Dungeon Delve are just some of the treasures hidden in this issue. There're also previews, fiction, columns, and advice for players and DMs!
#162 #162 January, 2009 Heroes can continue their descent into insanity with part 2 of Robert Schwalb's Madness trilogy. Scales of War continues -- sort of -- in a short adventure that bridges the gap between heroic and paragon tiers. And a legendary archfey stretches her icy fingers across the world in Winter of the Witch.
#371 #371 January, 2009 Usher in the new year with planar goodies, horror, and planar horror. The demilich Acererak rears his ugly skull, dhampyr arise, zombies shamble, and the city of Hestavar shines in the Astral plane. And that's in addition to the usual columns and features!
#161 #161 December, 2008 PCs get a cool reception when they return to Overlook in this issue's Scales of War Adventure Path adventure. A 3rd-edition adventure gets a 4E facelift in Touch of Madness. An incident from the novel Spellplague comes to life for players. And messrs. Wyatt, Mearls, and Radney-MacFarland offer priceless DM advice.
#370 #370 December, 2008 Tiamat's loyal servants, a faction devoted to death in the City of Doors, Mual-Tar the chained serpent, monsters of the Demonweb -- it's an issue crammed with holiday horrors. Plus, preview the druid, study cosmology, and build more challenging skill challenges.
#160 #160 November, 2008 The Den of the Destroyer is your next stop on the Scales of War Adventure Path. We also challenge you to face the dragon Urum-Shar and take you Beyond the Trollhaunt Warrens in exciting side treks. Plus, the Save My Game and Dungeoncraft insights that you've come to expect.
#369 #369 November, 2008 This issue brings you minotaurs as player characters, Baphomet as their deity of choice, Io'Vanthor as the lost city of the dragonborn, the spawn of Yeenoghu, and trade secrets of dragon slayers. Plus great behind-the-scenes peeks at what's coming and why!
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