Issue # Date
#406 #406 December, 2011 Evil rules! Play a black-hearted knave, an infernal prince, or a warlock binder who flirts with dark fey. "Nerathi Legends" concludes with those insufferable rangers of Cernall. PLUS: Paragons of fey valor, gnome spies, Ur-Draxa, and the beholder empire of Xraunrarr.
#405 #405 November, 2011 Play a hero of the Moonshae Isles, a Wild Hunt rider, or an oracle of the evil eye. Give your eladrin, elf, or drow character some luvvin’. Break out the spells of the Winterguard swordmages, and see what shattered the Circle of Eight. PLUS: New rituals for heroic-tier characters!
#196 #196 November, 2011 Dance your way into the heart of Baba Yaga’s famous hut. Meet a dragon cursed by the Deck of Many Things. Run a Moonshae campaign, visit the Winter Citadel of the eladrin, face the Ghost Knight of Galardoun, and experience a clash of steel in the streets of Tyr.
#195 #195 October, 2011 Test your kung fu against five deadly assassins. Visit a spectacular Shou town in Marsember. Help Neverwinter overcome a plague of insanity. Enjoy a refreshing drink of spellslayer wine. Spend Halloween exploring Fort Bones, surfing the Silt Sea, or hanging out in a graveyard on "banderhobb watch" with a host of deadly flora.
#404 #404 October, 2011 Hone your ninja assassin skills, or play a samurai, sohei, Hordelands nomad, or yakuza. Explore the spiritual lives of the shapeshifting hengeyokai. Add honor to your D&D campaign. PLUS: The runepriests of Kara-Tur and fistfighting monks!
#403 #403 September, 2011 It’s "back to school" month in Dragon magazine, with five new arcane academies and rules for playing 0-level characters. In addition, warlocks can learn to unlock the power of the elder constellations, and artificers discover their place in the Forgotten Realms.
#194 #194 September, 2011 An evil curse turns two brothers against each other. Fledgling adventurers find themselves hurled into the Elemental Chaos. Take a peek inside Nars Thormil’s barn, Draj’s psionic academy, Khorvaire’s monstrous criminal syndicate, and the Crafthouse of Inspiration.
#402 #402 August, 2011 Hey Kas! Vecna called. He wants his eye and hand back. Discover the power of the gods in the wreckage they leave behind. Play a Son of Alagondar or a Seeker of Illefarn in a Neverwinter campaign. Trade class utility powers for racial ones, and pump up your weapon and implement expertise.
#193 #193 August, 2011 Unearth the secrets of Gauntlgrym. Find three fallen stars in the darkest shadows of Neverwinter, or stop by the Beached Leviathan for a quick brew. Meet a Fallcrest jeweler with a shady past. Lose yourself in Eberron’s shapeshifting city of shapeshifters. See what happens when the Chaos Scar strikes back.
#192 #192 July, 2011 The curse of Cihuatlco has claimed another victim, and the jungle natives are up in arms. The only hope for peace lies in the heart of the haunted city, which is overrun with apes and ruled by their mysterious queen. Plus, adventure in the Chaos Scar, and the sequel to Dark Legacy of Evard!
#401 #401 July, 2011 Riddle me this: How is publishing like a drop in the Mississippi River? Also, the continuation of Dragonmirth, the Fatedancer character theme -- and jousting, wrestling, and boxing!
#400 #400 June, 2011 The big 4-0-0. In celebration of Dragon magazine’s 400th issue, members of the R&D staff reflect on past articles that made a lasting impression. Also, the return of Dragonmirth, the Scoundrel playtest, and Bazaar of the Bizarre: Wrought from the Gloom.
#191 #191 June, 2011 Can you protect a poorly defended hermitage from the dragon’s wrath? A githyanki city built on the body of a dead god? And why would a person tattoo the six-fingered sign on his or her body? Plus, war has erupted between two noble houses in the city of Gloomwrought -- who has turned these former allies into bitter enemies, and for what fell purpose?
#190 #190 May, 2011 Survive the unstoppable march of the sovereign elk. Become a master at running the masquerade. Avoid the eerie shadows prowling the streets of Gloomwrought. Learn more about the lost city of Kalidnay and its ultimate fate. Meet a noble adventuring company looking to make a name of itself.
#399 #399 May, 2011 Speed up your combat. Adopt new themes: for heroes of nature and lore, of the tome, of virtue… or heroes for hire. Investigate the history and legends of Nerath and the Kings of Karkoth. Look back at spellcasting and ioun stones. Plus Confessions, Ampersand, and the templar.
#189 #189 April, 2011 Explore the vertical streets of Diyun, the Hanging City. Prowl through the mysterious living maze of the Killing Ground. Challenge Morn Bladeclaw for possession of the mighty Scarblade. Learn the shocking truth behind Waterdeep's many civic awards. Steer clear of the Accursed Legion.
#398 #398 April, 2011 Worship at the feet of strange gods. Tread the Ever-Forking Path. Shop for an item that will help you to focus your ki. Sharpen up your gambling skills. Investigate the history and legends of Nerath and the City of Silver. Find the ritual you need. Plus Confessions, Ampersand, and the weaponmaster.
#188 #188 March, 2011 The devil comes to collect his due from the captain of an astral ship. Heroes delve into the mystery of Baelard's Legacy at the Library of Highforest. Juiblex oozes off the pages of the Demonomicon. Strangers become friends at the local inn. Secret passwords of Faerun are revealed.
#397 #397 March, 2011 The Class Compendium warlord makes its appearance. Clerics explore the world of faith and heresy. Ioun bestows epic destinies on his favored sages. Henchmen seek employment. Ability score options are extended to most races. And Athasian spellcasters gain familiars.
#396 #396 February, 2011 Play a genasi from the Silt Sea of Athas. Collect all eight parts of the Beast of Talgora. Add a new phase to your action rounds. Train with the primal energy-infused bards of Wolfstone. Ascend to the highest level of mastery as a hierophant druid. Join the legendary Last Legion of Nerath.
#187 #187 February, 2011 Track down a tree of life in "Beneath the Dust." Venture into the subterranean necropolis of "Andok Sur." Explore the brutal, murky world of the duergar. Add a host of new threats to your Dark Sun campaign. Meet Queen Filfaeril's Blades. And save your game.
#186 #186 January, 2011 Lizardfolk are on a rampage, driven by the Sunken Tower of the Marsh Mystic. Potent runes threaten the Chaos Scar. A shadow descends over the town of Mistwatch. Modrons march. Boss Laughter concocts powerful alchemy. Tulka Deathrattle and Scarlet Jax practice villainy.
#395 #395 January, 2011 The knight gets a new, eladrin-flavored twist. The ardent receives some empathic options. Vecna picks up a few non-evil followers. Primal sprits of Athas are scrutinized, along with the varying forms assumed by deities. And heroes learn how to build strongholds and make friends.
#185 #185 December, 2010 Wolves terrorize a town, but there's much more than that going on in "Bark at the Moon." Characters get little sleep in "The Whispering Glade." Visit the court of the Bramble Queen. Explore Q'barra (part 2). Take names, not lives. Learn about the Silent Sail, and save your game.
#394 #394 December, 2010 The Essentials assassin appears in its final form. Open your mind to a totem from the Far Realm. Re-skin your character's powers. Discover legendary wondrous items of the eladrin and the secrets of Corellon. Plus runepriests, psions, shifters in the Realms, and Famine in Far-Go.
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