Issue # Date
#430 #430 December, 2013 Time really does go by when you’re having fun—especially when it’s playing D&D.
#429 #429 November, 2013 This month -- apparently, no one around here likes food.
#428 #428 October, 2013 This month, getting scared is a kick, even when it’s all for pretend.
#427 #427 September, 2013 This month, we brush away the dust of ages and reveal primordial beasts that lived before the rise of dinosaurs, or after their extinction. Plus, Nerull, Levistus -- and traits such as bravery, pride and mercy that can help to define your hero.
#426 #426 August, 2013 D&D and mystery don’t mix—or do they? This month, tales of fantastic mystery, a library of useful locations, the improviser's cheat sheet -- plus, the courtier, the spy, and the vigilante added to your library of character themes.
#425 #425 July, 2013 Elemental evil isn't all we have to offer this month, but it's a big part. Includes the Temple of Elemental Evil, cults that worship slimy, oozing, amorphous evil -- and even more catastrophic dragons!
#424 #424 June, 2013 When you look at a dragon, you instantly see its size and power. What you don’t see but should be equally frightened of is its dark, inscrutable intelligence. This month, meet the avalanche dragon and the typhoon dragon, the dragon that never died -- plus, earning achievements, and Martek and the Desert of Desolation!
#423 #423 May, 2013 Dungeons have a primal allure to the inveterate adventurer in all of us. This month, discover the masters of the alluring dungeons, rare Underdark poisons, and the ecology of the gargoyle. Plus, the Inn of the Welcome Wench!
#422 #422 April, 2013 "Dying is easy; comedy is hard." Those words weren't penned for roleplayers, but they could have been. This month: satyrs, tinker gnomes, and unique character backgrounds!
#421 #421 March, 2013 Make multiclass characters in a whole new way. Face the cold wrath of Cryonax, the Evil Elemental Prince of Cold. Release the mephits! PLUS: Draconian character options and magic items of Krynn.
#420 #420 February, 2013 Discover wee fey in old cupboards and walls, beneath the thick underbrush of Faerie forests, in enchanted crystal caves. Enter the court of the Carrion King, master of all myconids, and the subterranean kingdom of Mag Tureah. Plus, explore the world between life and death as a ghost (death need not be the end for your character)!
#419 #419 January, 2013 Visit the blighted Mournland and discover the inner workings of sentient living spells. Find out why many consider bladelings to be the ideal soldiers. Equip your game with the engines of war. Plus, the first wielders, hobgoblins, and the Dead Dwarf Mine!
#418 #418 December, 2012 Let the tarrasque run roughshod over your campaign. Save the town of Hochoch in the Grand Duchy of Geoff. Deck the halls with wondrous tapestries. Build fantastic inns and taverns from scratch. PLUS: The return of the decapus, the magen, the rhagodessa, and the thoul.
#417 #417 November, 2012 Take sides in the never-ending Blood War. Succumb to temptation with a succubus companion. Beware the flying blade that feeds on magic. PLUS: Magic dice, the dark tale of Tenebrous, and an unstoppable Athasian bounty hunter.
#416 #416 October, 2012 Meet D&D’s legendary vampire and vampire hunter. Test your mettle against the Knight of the Black Rose. Give your vampiric character a magical boost. PLUS: Two new character themes inspired by the Ravenloft campaign setting.
#415 #415 September, 2012 Meet the many clones of Manshoon. Learn the songs of sorcery. Play a Fang of Zehir, god of murder. Infiltrate the golden ranks of the Aurum. Beware a dangerous caravan that haunts the deserts of Athas.
#414 #414 August, 2012 Let the demon prince Graz'zt show you how to win a lady's heart. Play a Cipher, a Sensate, or a Xaositect. Visit a famous magic item dealer in Sigil, and see what makes a modron march.
#413 #413 July, 2012 The drow invade Dragon with new themes for drow characters and their allies. PLUS: Seekers of the Moonrise Vale, the Injury Deck, and magic crowns from the worlds of Athas, Eberron, and Toril.
#412 #412 June, 2012 Mariners are adventurers, too. Buy a ship, hire a crew, and set sail! PLUS: Cool stuff for worshipers of Chauntea and Silvanus, champions of the Sovereign Host, the thing in the crypt, and more.
#411 #411 May, 2012 Become the God-Emperor of Nerath. Battle the evil tsochar and their puppets. Storm a mysterious flying ship. Plunder a ruined city in the Mournland. PLUS: New options for thri-kreen and kenku characters.
#410 #410 April, 2012 Play a werewolf like in the movies. Build your own paper dragon. Plunder the treasure vaults of a sorcerer-king, visit an island in the Lhazaar Principalities ruled by vampires, or hear what the talking door of Waterdeep has to say. Plus: Futuristic weapons of the Barrier Peaks.
#409 #409 March, 2012 Master the secret language of thieves. Join a famous thieves’ guild in Faerûn. Learn some new dice games. Find the lost gold of the Merendil family. Meet the Black Blade of Raam. Play a Blackstaff apprentice, Halaster’s clone, a Masked Lord of Waterdeep, or a warpriest with the conquest domain.
#408 #408 February, 2012 The gods and the primordials need YOU! See why Gruumsh hates Corellon. Meet four genie nobles seeking powerful adventurers. Unearth relics of the lost gods of Athas. Explore Eberron’s “devils’ playground” and new racial utility powers for dragonborn, half-orcs, and tieflings.
#407 #407 January, 2012 Add romance to your D&D game. Join the Purple Dragons or War Wizards of Cormyr, or the Sentinel Marshals of House Deneith. Meet two heroes of the Valenar elves and Athas’s crazy desert "king."
#406 #406 December, 2011 Evil rules! Play a black-hearted knave, an infernal prince, or a warlock binder who flirts with dark fey. "Nerathi Legends" concludes with those insufferable rangers of Cernall. PLUS: Paragons of fey valor, gnome spies, Ur-Draxa, and the beholder empire of Xraunrarr.
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