Title Series Brand Author Date
Sapphire Crescent, The Sapphire Crescent, The The Scions of Arrabar, Book I Forgotten Realms Thomas M. Reid 11/01/03
Vanity's Brood Vanity's Brood House of Serpents, Book III Forgotten Realms Lisa Smedman 03/01/06
Sword Never Sleeps Sword Never Sleeps The Knights of Myth Drannor, Book III Forgotten Realms Ed Greenwood 11/01/08
Canticle Canticle Cleric Quintet, Book I Forgotten Realms R.A. Salvatore 01/01/09
Corsair (Hardcover) Corsair (Hardcover) Blades of the Moonsea, Book II Forgotten Realms Richard Baker 03/01/09
Chaos Curse, The Chaos Curse, The Cleric Quintet, Book V Forgotten Realms R.A. Salvatore 09/01/09
Elminster in Hell (Paperback) Elminster in Hell (Paperback) Elminster Series Forgotten Realms Ed Greenwood 05/01/02
Gossamer Plain, The Gossamer Plain, The The Empyrean Odyssey, Book I Forgotten Realms Thomas M. Reid 05/01/07
Howling Delve, The Howling Delve, The The Dungeons Forgotten Realms Jaleigh Johnson 07/01/07
Black Wolf Black Wolf Sembia: Gateway to the Realms, Book IV Forgotten Realms Dave Gross 08/01/07
Two Swords, The (Paperback) Two Swords, The (Paperback) Hunter's Blades Trilogy Book III Forgotten Realms R.A. Salvatore 09/01/05
Avenger (Paperback) Avenger (Paperback) Blades of the Moonsea, Book 3 Forgotten Realms Richard Baker 11/02/10
Collected Stories, The Collected Stories, The Legend of Drizzt, The Forgotten Realms R.A. Salvatore 02/01/11
The Last Mythal The Last Mythal A Forgotten Realms Omnibus Forgotten Realms Richard Baker 08/02/11
The Last Threshold The Last Threshold Neverwinter Saga, Book IV Forgotten Realms R.A. Salvatore 03/05/13
Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide D&D Rules Supplement Forgotten Realms Wizards RPG Team 08/01/08
Undead Undead The Haunted Lands, Book II Forgotten Realms Richard Lee Byers 03/01/08
Siege of Darkness (Paperback) Siege of Darkness (Paperback) The Legend of Drizzt, Book IX Forgotten Realms R.A. Salvatore 06/01/08
Final Gate Final Gate The Last Mythal, Book III Forgotten Realms Richard Baker 06/01/06
Frostfell Frostfell The Wizards Forgotten Realms Mark Sehestedt 12/01/06
Shadowstorm Shadowstorm The Twilight War, Book II Forgotten Realms Paul S. Kemp 08/01/07
Fractured Sky, The Fractured Sky, The The Empyrean Odyssey, Book II Forgotten Realms Thomas M. Reid 11/01/08
Farthest Reach Farthest Reach The Last Mythal, Book II Forgotten Realms Richard Baker 07/01/05
Transitions Transitions (no category) Forgotten Realms R.A. Salvatore 11/20/09
Yellow Silk, The Yellow Silk, The The Rogues Forgotten Realms Don Bassingthwaite 02/01/04
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