Cartoons Archive | 11/26/2012
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Epic Campain: War of Everlasting Darkness
Aaron Williams

Epic Campain is (usually, but not always) the tale of one Krozat the Mighty, as he strives for his place among the heroes of legend. The only problem is, he’s dead. Those who carry on his name (as well as carry around his bones) find their destinies entwined with his… even if he’s not fully around to appreciate it.

As we move ahead to War of Everlasting Darkness, the party has left the Underdark and returned to the surface world, with their latest exploits related by their friendly local bard (of dubious rhyming).

Click the strip below for a larger view.

About the Artist

Aaron Williams is a cartoonist and writer hailing from Kansas City where he lives with his wife and son. His earliest published work in cartooning appeared in the pages of Dragon Magazine #246 and he’s been at it ever since. In addition to Epic Campain, he’s the creator of Nodwick, ps238, Full Frontal Nerdity, and the creator/writer of the DC comic, North 40. He’s written comic scripts for DC’s Cartoon Network Action Pack, Disney, and Blizzard Entertainment. He eagerly seeks a cure for a Minecraft addiction that doesn’t involve giving up the whole internet.

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