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The Crafthouse of InspirationD&D Insider Article
by Doug Hyatt

O f all the great temples in the Realms, none draws more inventors, builders, and artificers to its doors than the Crafthouse of Inspiration in the East Rift. Built in 1469–1470 DR with the assistance of the gold dwarves of Eartheart, the Crafthouse has emerged as the preeminent temple of Gond in all of Faerûn.

Adventurers from across the continent bring artifacts, relics, books, and other scraps of knowledge to the Crafthouse, hoping to sell them to the priests there. The temple scholars spend their days studying objects both arcane and divine, as well as furthering their knowledge in metallurgy, agriculture, engineering, alchemy, and other crafts. The most talented inventors in the world travel to the Crafthouse to observe the wonders on display there and to apprentice with its legendary artisans.

At its heart, the Crafthouse of Inspiration symbolizes the act of creation itself. Beginners and experts toil from morning to night, working stone, forging steel, brewing potions, and devising strange mechanical constructs. The Gondsmen believe that to serve Gond, one must discover, build, invent, and create. As a result, all the doings at the Crafthouse of Inspiration are centered on creativity.

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