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The City of Zarash'akD&D Insider Article
Eye on Eberron
by Keith Baker

No lightning rail crosses the Shadow Marches, and House Orien won’t risk its caravans in the treacherous marshlands. No trade roads connect the scattered villages. For generations, the Marcher clans were virtually independent kingdoms, battling all challengers to maintain their dominions in the darkness.

This situation changed with the rise of House Tharashk and the demand for dragonshards. Galifar’s hunger for the mystic crystals was a source of wealth and influence for the heirs of Tharashk, provided they could process the crystals and move them to the markets of the east. The three dominant Tharashk clans were quick to establish refineries, but their ancestral homes were too deep in the Marches to facilitate easy trade with Galifar. The leaders of the clans came together to build the largest city the Marches had ever seen—a port that could carry shards and services to the wider world.

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    Keith Baker is an award-winning game designer and novelist best known for his work on the Eberron® Campaign Setting and the card game Gloom. His most recent novel is The Fading Dream, the third in the Thorn of Breland series. Follow Keith on Twitter as @HellcowKeith.

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