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Mihajla's TentD&D Insider Article
The Pavilion of Wonders
by Cameron Burry

Mihajla is a wisecracking djinn from the Elemental Chaos who has a penchant for gambling. Though he is no less powerful than the average djinn, he doesn't share his race's lust for power. Mihajla prefers to spend his time looking for adversaries to compete against him in games of chance. His tent, the legendary "Pavilion of Wonders," relocates frequently across the world in search of fresh opponents. This adventure locale is suitable for characters of any level.

The second highest level of the complex leads to a walkway 10 feet wide and about 300 feet long. The floor consists of thick, blue carpets laid end to end, with nothing beneath them. The walkway has no walls or ceiling. The only other features here are twelve doors, six on each side of the walkway, spaced about 50 feet apart. The doors hang without support alongside the carpets. You can see completely around the doors; they appear to lead to nothing.

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    About the Author

    Cameron Burry has been a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast since 2000, when he fell in love with the mythology of R.A. Salvatore’s novel The Crystal Shard. He is a professional author who has been published in various gaming websites as well as online magazines around the world. He has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Murray State University and lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

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