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Abyssal Plague Epic ThreatsD&D Insider Article
By Michael E. Shea

A tiny breach in an ageless prison has released a disease greater than any other. A chained god infuses his will into a liquid remnant of evil inhabiting a dead demiplane. A plague of hatred and malice spreads across the multiverse, transforming simple farmers and beasts into creatures of horror and madness.

The purest essence of this malevolence—an entity known as the Voidharrow—spreads its power and consciousness across every known world. It resides in the Plaguedeep, the core of a demiplane of its own creation, protected by its most powerful followers, the exarchs and heralds of a new dark age.

As described in the Abyssal Plague Dungeons & Dragons novel series, the spread of the plague was halted before the threat grew to a truly epic scale. But what if it hadn’t been stopped? What if the Voidharrow had succeeded in creating a new Abyss full of its demonic servitors?

This article continues to develop ideas from the Abyssal plague monsters in Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale and the article “Creature Incarnations: Abyssal Plague Demons” in Dungeon 192. It provides suggestions for extending the threat of the plague to challenge characters with the most powerful epic-level servants of the Voidharrow—and with the Voidharrow itself—and gives you the tools to build your own alternative Abyssal plague campaign.

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