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Creature Incarnations
By Scott Gable

Ruin scarabs are enormous beetles, ranging in size from that of large dogs to elder dragons. They’re not overly aggressive, but they don’t make good neighbors because they require enormous underground complexes. They constantly dig, and as a result of the digging, those areas they call home are plagued by earthquakes, landslides, and sinkholes.

Ruin scarabs don’t live near civilization often because they need access to great quantities of dung. More often, ruin scarab colonies are found in out-of-the-way places with just the right conditions, such as some of the larger subterranean ecosystems, isolated surface locations with plentiful megafauna.

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    About the Author

    Scott Gable is a freelance editor and game designer. He currently edits for Open Design’s award-winning Kobold Quarterly magazine, website, and patron projects, including Courts of the Shadow Fey and Tales of the Old Margreve. His most recent game design is for Zombie Sky Press, including The Faerie Ring. He calls the beautiful underwater city of Seattle his home.

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