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Bestiary: Monsters of MythologyD&D Insider Article
Creatures of Classical Myth
by Bruce R. Cordell

Clash of the Titans is a 1981 fantasy adventure film based on the myth of Perseus. It proved to be the eleventh highest-grossing film that year, and the film industry decided to try its hand at retelling Perseus's story in 2010, in the hope of striking movie gold once more. In the course of both films, Perseus faces many terrifying threats of the ancient world, creatures that are firmly established in popular imagination: Pegasus, the medusa, blind oracles, and gigantic scorpions. We’ve seen these monsters before in Dungeons & Dragons, but this latest reenactment of the legend gives us the perfect opportunity to present some suitably over-the-top versions of very longtime favorites for use in your D&D game.

Some of the secrets hags learn are gained directly from divine sources, usually through intermediaries, but sometimes after the hag meets directly with an angel, avatar, or other herald of a devious god. Good gods rarely treat with hags, disliking their mercurial natures, though sometimes it is the hag that has information that divine beings must seek.

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    About the Author

    Bruce R. Cordell is an Origins and ENnie award-winning game designer whose long list of professional credits include the new Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, Keep on the Shadowfell, Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons, and Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead. Bruce is also an author of Forgotten Realms novels, including Plague of Spells, first book in the new Abolethic Sovereignty series.

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