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MistwatchD&D Insider Article
Backdrop for the Nentir Vale
by Robert J. Schwalb

Mistwatch nestles between the Cairngorm Peaks, the Winterbole Forest, and Lake Wintermist. The townfolk were peaceful and prosperous, but their good fortune came to an end when strangers passed through town. Now doom gathers in the shadows, sickness grips the residents, and undead stalk the streets at night. Bold action and bolder heroes will be needed to save the town from a terrible fate.

Looking back, we should have spotted the clues and seen the signs, because they were everywhere. Maybe if we had, we could have averted the disaster that befell our town and spared ourselves the hardships we now face. I don’t write these words to air my grievances or to pine for better days but to give warning to whoever finds this journal and to record what happened to Mistwatch in the hope others can avoid our fate. I beg you: Learn from our errors and be vigilant against the darkness. To falter even once invites disaster like none you have seen before.

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    About the Author

    Robert J. Schwalb is an award-winning game designer who has contributed design to or developed over one hundred roleplaying game titles for the Dungeons & Dragons game, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, A Song of Ice and Fire RPG, Star Wars RPG, and the d20 system. Some of his more recent work for Wizards of the Coast can be found in Player’s Handbook 3, Martial Power 2, and Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons. In addition, he’s a regular contributor to both Dragon and Dungeon magazines. Robert lives, works, and will probably die in Tennessee.

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