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Andok SurD&D Insider Article
An adventure locale for characters of levels 3-8
by Bill Slavicsek

Beyond the storm-shrouded peak of Thunderspire Mountain, hidden beneath the desolate reaches of the Old Hills, the necropolis of Andok Sur rests in eternal slumber. At least, it had been resting until the lich Magroth entered the entombed site and attempted to raise an army of undead. Though Magroth failed, Andok Sur remains active, lending new dangers to the Old Hills and the surrounding areas. This adventure locale features two encounters that you can use in any D&D campaign setting. The necropolis is equally well suited to the Chaos Scar, the Realms, Eberron, Athas, or your home campaign. It is designed for characters of levels 3–8 to explore, but can easily be adjusted upward to challenge characters of higher levels.

A ruined boulevard stretches before you. Small structures of stone and bone once lined each side of the cobblestone street, but most of them have collapsed into broken heaps of debris. A few remain mostly intact. These consist of bones that have somehow, without mortar or supports, been fused into huts or small tombs. A wide crack splits the street ahead of you, and two separate piles of skulls rest at the far end of the broken ground. Beyond the skulls, a gargantuan globe of ghost-blue light swirls and radiates in the oppressive darkness.

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    About the Author

    Bill Slavicsek is the R&D Director for Dungeons & Dragons games and novels at Wizards of the Coast. His recent design credits include The Mark of Nerath novel, the D&D Castle Ravenloft board game, Heroes of the Fallen Lands, and Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, among others.

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