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Agents and Enemies
by Jeff LaSala

Taer Lian Doresh is a city out of myths where ancient minds contemplate revenge against the world outside, where hope is leached away by fear, where nightmares are clothed in flesh. Although knowledge of the Fortress and its location can grant one considerable power, it also invites attention from those within—and few things are more perilous than earning the interest of these sinister fey. Yet not all who come and go within its halls serve its interests. In fact, some might even ally against Shan Doresh, the feyspire’s eladrin lord. But in Taer Lian Doresh alliances—like dreams—are doomed to fade.

The warforged are of great interest to Shan Doresh; they are a young race even by human standards, artificial yet living, and they do not sleep or dream. The eladrin lord allows Adjuvant to wander the halls of Taer Lian Doresh freely—that he might study him when he so chooses—but he does not allow the warforged to find the way out. Shan Doresh’s subjects have been instructed not to harm Adjuvant except in self-defense.

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    About the Author

    Jeff LaSala is a writer of speculative fiction and an artificer of RPGs. His Eberron novel, The Darkwood Mask, was nominated for the Scribe Award and showcases his love for all things dark, monstrous, and masked. Many of his ideas are drawn from the cthonic depths of New York City, where he (roll 1d4)... (1) Dwells with an Argentine mermaid—and even married her. (2) Masequerades as a normal person. (3) Imagines a world splintered into sorry hemispheres. (4) Lurks like a gargoyle over his website:

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