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The Hammer FallsD&D Insider Article
A Chaos Scar Adventure
by Corwin Riddle

“The Hammer Falls” is a short adventure for five 2nd-level characters that takes place in the Chaos Scar. The characters enter an abandoned metalworking refinery under the control of a clan of duergar who have given their souls to infernal forces in exchange for power. Inside, the duergar work tirelessly to uncover the secrets within a river of lava corrupted by a shard from the meteorite.

An overpowering stench of sulfur lingers in the air as you approach the refinery. It’s evident from the decay and debris that the facility has not been used in many years. One of the upper walls has collapsed, and rusty tools lie scattered around the entrance, yet steam and smoke billow out from the broken chimneys, rising above the faint sound of hammers on anvils that echo within the broken walls.

(For details on the Chaos Scar and its environs, read the Chaos Scar introduction and check out the map of the entire valley. Then check out and join the Chaos Scar group on the D&D Community pages.)

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    About the Author

    Corwin Riddle hails from the sunny streets of Austin, Texas, where he works as a freelance writer and freelance dreamer. "The Hammer Falls" is his first published article for the Dungeons & Dragons game but certainly not the last.

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