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Hidden DestiniesD&D Insider Article
A 5th-Level Side Trek
by Brian Cortijo

“Hidden Destinies” is a Side Trek designed for five characters of 5th level set in the Forgotten Realms. It contains two encounters, each of which can lead to a longer adventure. Both encounters involve an escort quest. You simply pick whichever background option works the best for your campaign, and run the encounter associated with it.

The church of Bane has spies in many places across Faerûn (and elsewhere on Toril), and the clergy of Amaunator is no exception. Verped, a Banite residing at Fort Morninglord, intercepted the original message, and has come to a startling conclusion: The boy, Caom, is not some unfortunate innocent caught up in unknown powers. Verped believes him to be the subject of a long-forgotten prophesy. The boy will grow into the greatest tyrant of this or any age, eclipsing even the Chosen Imperator Fzoul Chembryl and heralding the Black Age of Bane.

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    About the Author

    Brian Cortijo is a university minion with dreams of grandeur and delusions of power—which might explain the whole Dungeons & Dragons thing. Though he plays in lots of imaginary places, he is happiest when he can sneak off into some corner of the Forgotten Realms and then tell everyone else about it.

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