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Crown of the Troll KingD&D Insider Article
A Dungeon Delve for 11th-level Characters
by Daniel Marthaler

Trolls in any number will always pose a threat to local communities. But when a troll gets his claws on an artifact bent on stealing the souls of any heroes that cross its path, it must be dealt with. Tornak the Troll King has gathered his court and slaughtered any and all who seek to end his reign. Are your characters next on his menu? "Crown of the Troll King" is a Dungeons & Dragons delve for five characters of 11thlevel. The adventure is completely self-contained, so it can be used in nearly any D&D campaign.

Tornak, the self-proclaimed King of the Trolls, and his troll "court" are something of a local legend. He has raided nearby settlements for years, using tactics that were remarkably complex and disciplined (for a troll, anyway). His raiders have evaded or brutally destroyed any forces sent to combat them. Many brave and righteous heroes have set off into the mountains to end this scourge; all have met their end at Tornak's hands. The ancient, black iron crown beaten into the flesh of his head is rumored to bind the spirits of those he consumes to his will, preventing them from escaping to their rightful afterlife as well as granting him arcane powers normally beyond the reach of a simple troll.

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    About the Author

    Daniel Marthaler is an avid gamer with soaring delusions of grandeur and dreams of breaking into the industry. Despite being 6' 3", he has a peculiar love of the wee races that populate the game, most notably the gnomes and kobolds.

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