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Coils Below
Roll vs. Role
by Bruce R. Cordell and Chris Sims

In this installment of Roll vs. Role, we take a look at the snaketongue cultists. These poison-loving cultists are willing to fight and die for their serpentine masters. Use this scenario as is in your campaign, or deconstruct it and use the pieces to fuel your next yuan-ti adventure.

Snaketongue cultists are humans suborned by the doctrine of Zehir, the evil god of darkness, poison, and assassins. The cultists have fallen prey to the core tenants of the Coiled One, and as such they delight in the use of poison, adore snakes of every scale hue and size (especially yuan-ti), and kill in their god’s name, offering each death as a sacrifice in long rituals or quick murders. Snake¬tongue cultists are so fevered in their worship that Zehir and allied yuan-ti reward them with ritual transformations, bestowing upon the cultists minor reptilian traits, which only increases their fanaticism and zeal to die in service to their god.

About the Authors

Chris Sims started out working for small d20 companies in 2003, then landed a freelance editor gig for Wizards RPG R&D. Wizards finally got annoyed enough by his constant applications to hire him as the Duel Masters editor in 2005. From there, Chris wheedled his way into RPG R&D as an editor, and finally became a story designer after masterminding a few choice assassinations. His credits include Monster Manual V, Secrets of Sarlona, Rules Compendium, and the Eberron Survival Guide (thanks, Logan!).

Bruce Cordell is a D&D designer, but during his twelve years in the game industry, he has dabbled in miniatures, board games, collectible card games, d20 games, and more. Bruce has over a sixty listed credits to his name, including the Expanded Psionics Handbook, Libris Mortis, and Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. His body of work also includes three published Forgotten Realms novels (Lady of Poison, Darkvision, and Stardeep), with more on the way.

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