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Elminster Must Die! #8-14
by Ed Greenwood

Some call him Elminster the Damned.
To others, he is Elminster the Doomed.
Many believe he has died, and is now a roaming ghost—or that
fell wizards borrow his name to drench it in blame for their villainies.
Others believe he lives still, a man both mad and evil, and have
taken up the cry “Elminster must die!”
(Elminster usually counts himself as part of that last group.)

The Year of the Ageless One had brought early and warm spring to Shadowdale, an endless parade of short but drenching rains with muggy days between.

So begins Elminster Must Die!, the debut 4th Edition appearance of the famed Sage of Shadowdale. As a preview of the forthcoming novel, we're pleased to offer the following Realmslore—courtesy of Ed Greenwood himself—teasing each chapter (including each chapter's opening line).

Look for further Realmslore in the following weeks, leading up to Elminster Must Die!'s August 3rd release (just in time for Gen Con).

Chapter Eight

Much Brazen Creeping About

Living in a Palace certainly reminds one daily
Of all that life holds; birth, death and grief,
Betrayal, theft, malice, lust and trysting,
Bright triumph, decisions wise and otherwise,
And a whole brazen lot of creeping about and spying.

Amaelia Sandrael,
Doom At Every Hand:
Forty Years in Royal Service
published in the Year of the
Dozen Dwarves

“Where are they heading, d’ye think?” Elminster gasped out as he fetched up against a doorframe and clung to it, fighting for breath.

Chapter Nine

In the Name of the Dragon

Ah, lords, if you but knew
The dark villainies I’ve done,
The murders and far worse,
With loyal pride and private praise,
In the name of the Dragon.

said by Galaunt the Highknight
in Act II, Scene I of the play
Defending the Dragon Throne
anonymously chapbook published
in the Year of the Scroll

“This is it,” Marlin announced triumphantly, gazing at the sculpted bronze life-sized staring dragonskull adorning the dark double doors before him.

Chapter Ten

Harder Than Harbor Rain

Idle nobles laugh and waste fair coin,
Their hands with work never they stain,
While in hold and warehouse and wagons bay,
I toil the long days and nights away,
Working harder than harbor rain.

Lune “Minstrelcloak” Ardratha
The Dockhand’s Lament
first performed circa the Year of the
Sheltered Viper

Arclath smiled his customary easy smile.

Chapter Eleven

Temptations for Many

Gods laugh and make cruel sport with us all,
Serving hope heaped on platters, or not any,
Leaving high noble or grim farmer alike all afire,
A-running and a-fighting hard for their hearts’ desire,
And chasing bright temptations many.

Lune “Minstrelcloak” Ardratha
The Dockhand’s Lament
first performed circa the Year of the
Sheltered Viper

Elminster gave the undead Steel Regent of Cormyr a long, hard look.

Chapter Twelve

Darker and Darker

My father told me what my grandsire said before him:
That all the Realms around us, as the years pass,
Grow ever darker and darker.

Markuld Amryntur,
Twenty Summers a Dragon:
One Soldier’s Tale
published in the Year of the
Splendors Burning

The darkly handsome man made his latest acquisition abruptly turn and slam himself face-first against the wall.

Chapter Thirteen

Nothing to Laugh At, At All

Lords high and low, if you learn one thing today,
Learn this: murderers who kill at will among us,
Yet remain dark-masked and unknown,
No matter whom they may conveniently happen to slay,
Are nothing for any lass or jack to laugh at, at all.

said by Paradur the Sage
in Act I, Scene II of the play
Too Many Skulls Underfoot
anonymously chapbook published
in the Year of Seven Sisters

Amarune came awake quickly, her mind singing with alarm.

Chapter Fourteen

Justice, Order, and Refinement

You seek a world of justice, order, and refinement?
My lords, you do know where you are, do you not?
I fear you’re standing in the wrong world entirely!

said by Ammaura the Maid
in Act I, Scene II of the play
The Harrowing of House Drauth
anonymously chapbook-published
in the Year of the Splendors Burning

Elminster stared down at all the sprawled and headless bodies for a long and silent time.

About the Author

Ed Greenwood is the man who unleashed the Forgotten Realms on an unsuspecting world. He works in libraries, writes fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, and even romance stories (sometimes all in the same novel), but he is still happiest churning out Realmslore, Realmslore, and more Realmslore. There are still a few rooms in his house with space left to pile up papers in ...

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