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Game Day and Organizer Update
RPGA Report
by Chris Tulach

Welcome back to the RPGA Report! This month, we're going to address some questions we've received from organizers regarding recent changes to the ordering system. But first, a Worldwide D&D Game Day update!

Player's Handbook 2 Game Day

Last month we kicked off the year with the first of our three Game Days in 2009 celebrating the launch of the "twos." Thousands of players across the world showed up to test out some of the new Player's Handbook 2 races and classes, and play an 11th-level adventure called One Dark Night in Weeping Briar. We received great feedback from the event as well, and we'll be making some slight adjustments to future game days as a result. In particular, we recognize that a higher-level play experience might be a little too much for newer players, so we're dedicated to releasing all future Game Day adventures in the heroic tier, keeping them in the low- to mid-heroic range. A lower-level adventure will cut down on player prep time and should be a little easier for the DMs to prep as well. Additionally, this should help keep the run time of the adventure a little bit more manageable – we're targeting a 3-4 hour play experience for future adventures.

If you participated as a player, DM, and/or organizer for our first Game Day of 2009, thank you very much for helping make the event a success! And if you're an organizer that hasn't reported your event, please take some time to do so, even if you had to cancel. Accurate reporting of the event keeps your organizer privileges in good standing and helps us to make improvements to the program. If you have questions or problems reporting, please send an email to and the folks here in Organized Play will be more than happy to assist you.

Coming Soon on May 23 – Monster Manual 2 Game Day

Don't forget to mark your calendars for our second Worldwide D&D Game Day this year, celebrating the release of Monster Manual 2! Play or DM the 5th-level adventure, Journey Through the Silver Caves, featuring a number of nasty beasts from Monster Manual 2. Head over to for more information and if you're an organizer, don't forget to schedule your event!

RPGA and Wizards Play Network Event Scheduling Changes

On April 8, we made some important changes to the ordering and reporting databases. You can read about these changes here. We've since received a number of questions about these changes, so we wanted to give you a brief FAQ to clarify.

Q. Why did you change the event types from convention, retail, gameday, and home to Wizards Play Network and private?
A. We had a lot of confusion over the term "gameday," since it was being used to describe both Worldwide D&D Game Day and a type of RPGA public event that was essentially a mini-convention. In addition, we decided it would be much easier for an organizer to simply select whether their game was open to the public or a private session. Public play, no matter where it occurs, counts toward an organizer's credit in the Wizards Play Network. Conventions will still receive special attention through the convention support program; information on the program and its benefits can be found at

Q. What is the difference between Wizards Play Network play and private play? How do the previous RPGA types fit into these categories?
A. Wizards Play Network play is simply any play that occurs in a public location that is open to public participation. Private play is closed to the public – either you're playing a game in a home or other private location, or you're playing a closed session in a public place. The previous RPGA categories of convention, gameday, and retail all map to Wizards Play Network play, except for the old home category, which is now considered private play. All RPGA organizers that organize public events (like conventions or in-store games) are Wizards Play Network organizers, and should sign up through the Wizards Play Network at to receive credit for their work.

Q. When I log into the character tracker to check on my Living Forgotten Realms character, I seem to have 2 versions of that character. What's going on?
A. When we split the play categories into 2 separate types, the character tracker database also split. We are working on correcting that issue, and before the summer convention season arrives we'll have an update about the future utility of the character tracker for Living Forgotten Realms.

Q. I want to run Wizards Play Network games. How do I start?
A. You may already be doing so, and you should definitely receive credit for your work! Simply go to and sign up to ensure that you're getting the support you need. All public RPGA play is part of the Wizards Play Network, so if you organize any RPGA games in public, you should definitely take advantage of the program and its support.

Q. Do DMs still get credit toward their DM Rewards if they run games in private?
A. Yes. If you DM a game and you're signed up for our DM Rewards program, your activity will count toward your reward regardless of the event type. If you haven't signed up for DM Rewards, you should definitely do so – the program has just been re-launched, and the first mailings are going out soon. You even get a very cool adventure just for signing up, and each year just for updating your contact information. For more information on DM Rewards, head to

That's it for this month! Next month, we'll talk about summer con season (including some great new convention offerings this year) and give you more information on what you can expect to see in the first couple DM Rewards mailings! Keep rolling those crits!

New Living Forgotten Realms Adventures Releasing This Month

Check out the latest adventure offerings from the RPGA!

April 1, 2009
MOON1-4 Black Blood
The Black Blood tribe holds sway over much of the island of Moray. An ambitious young man wants to break their power and make the island safe again. However, he cannot do it alone. Part 2 of "The Fisherman" Major Quest. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the Moonshae Isles for characters levels 7-10.

April 8, 2009
WATE1-4 Mystery of Deepwater Harbor
The Necromancer strikes again at Waterdeep and the brave adventurers must unravel the mystery behind his revenge. This adventure is Part 2 of a major quest, Quest for the Necromancer, and follows the story in WATE1-3 The Woolmen's Restless Tomb. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Waterdeep for characters levels 7-10.

April 15, 2009
EAST1-4 Darkness in Delzimmer
A simple caravan run to the free city of Delzimmer takes an unexpected turn. It's said that there is no honor among thieves. Unfortunately, their struggles can still cause collateral damage, and the future of the Crafty Kobold Salvage Company hangs in the balance. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the East Rift for characters levels 1-4.

April 22, 2009
LURU1-4 Prey for the Night
The Eastern Glimmerwood is avoided by all but the most foolhardy with good reason. For here, in the lands of the People of the Black Blood, the civilized races are not the hunter; here, they are nothing but prey. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Luruar for characters levels 7-10.

April 29, 2009
CORE1-9 Ages Best Left Forgotten
Someone with a long memory has found that others have uncovered something he hoped forgotten. Can you journey to a twisted land and aid in the re-emergence of something best left missing? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Thay for characters levels 7-10.

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