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Dreaming of Waterdeep
Forgotten Realms Fiction
By Rosemary Jones

There were strangers. Marvelous strangers emerging from the woods and skidding down the embankment toward the road. The first man was dressed in fantastic colors, with ribbons and feathers hanging from his broad-brimmed hat, and a long swirling cape that went all the way down to the heels of his highly polished boots. The dwarf following close behind this dandy bore a highly polished helmet on his head and sported a bright red beard cascading down his barrel-round front. The third stranger, also human and obviously male, wore leather armor, well-cared for but marked with interesting nicks and scars. A long scabbard, very noticeable for its plainness, hung empty from his belt.

Gustin’s uncle shook his head and turned on his heel, as if he meant to walk all the way back to the farm rather than talk to the strangers. Gustin, however, was propelled forward by his own curiosity.

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About the Author

Rosemary Jones is the author of two Forgotten Realms stand-alone novels, Crypt of the Moaning Diamond and City of the Dead. Her short stories can be found in the Realms anthologies Realms of Dragons II and Realms of the Dead as well as other science fiction and fantasy books. For more on her latest projects, check her website at

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