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Primal Spirits of AthasD&D Insider Article
Character Concepts
By David Adams

The primal spirits of Athas are far from benevolent. The power of the forces that ravaged Athas transcends the mortal world. The act of defiling warped many primal spirits, either leaving them insensate or filling them with fury. Others have suffered torment, imprisonment, and even destruction as the power of the sorcerer-kings rose unchecked. Despite the danger inherent in drawing the primal spirits' attention, many people still venerate these warped spirits and willingly invoke their power. By entreating the primal spirits detailed in this article, characters tread the fine line between heroism and villainy that exists in the unforgiving world beneath the dark sun.

On the island of Shault in the Sea of Silt, the powerful druid Mearedes is often called "little grandmother" by the residents of that remote place. Few outsiders realize that this is because the primal spirit who guards the island is known as the Grandfather Oak. Like the Shault islanders, those who honor Forest Father have little compassion or mercy for those who defile the land. Having endured centuries of anguish and the constant whittling-away of defiling, Forest Father no longer retains enough of his wits to urge restraint on his followers.

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    About the Author

    David Adams has been playing the Dungeons & Dragons game for nearly ten years. During this time he has managed to obtain a bachelor’s degree in biology, get married, and bathe regularly. This is his second article for Dragon magazine. It was written despite fierce opposition by the frigid, tempestuous spirits of central Iowa. You can find more examples of his work in Kobold Quarterly and, he hopes, future issues of Dragon magazine.

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