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Reflavoring PowersD&D Insider Article
Customizing Your Game
By David Gibson

Every power comes with its own flavor text: a couple of lines that describe how the power looks in action. That this text isn't essential to the use of the power is not a flaw but a strength of the game. Players can choose how their characters’ powers act, customizing each for the theme of the character or feel of the campaign. This type of cosmetic alteration can be taken to almost any extent; you can change a little, or a lot, or almost everything in an effort to make your character look exactly as you imagine.

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    About the Author

    David "Jester" Gibson is an elementary school librarian and experienced amateur writer. You can find his work on his Wizards of the Coast Community site blog, the At-Will blog, the Fraternity of Shadows fansite, and the Power Source podcast. This is his first work for Dragon magazine.

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