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Winning Races: TieflingsD&D Insider Article
Bloodlines of Bael Turath: The Blightseers
By Peter Schaefer

Most know tieflings as creatures with a penchant and a power for vengeance. A smaller bloodline called blightseers, whose progenitors were bound to Baalzebul, survived the fall of Bael Turath and had the ability to see how something will appear once it has fallen into ruin. That potential is always part of what a scion of this legacy sees. When they choose, they can cause what they look upon to decay into what they see. Where their eyes fall, things suffer the worst effects of time’s passage. With their gaze of ruin, they destroy their enemies by creating weak points where they can then strike. The Gaze of Ruin racial trait described in this article can be taken in place of the Infernal Wrath racial trait.

The diaspora that followed the fall of Bael Turath is a wound on the face of history. Dozens of conflicting reports on the nation’s final days, who ruled, and which factions held power remain in the scrolls to confound historians and others who are interested in truth. One account boasts that Bael Turath’s longsighted plan included bewildering its enemies before the enemies returned to power. The only certainty is that the children of Bael Turath, the tieflings, bear a certain inherited appearance and power from their association with the dark powers.

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