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The Minotaurs of MistwatchD&D Insider Article
The Philosophy of the Labyrinth
By Steve Tonwshend

After many years’ journey, the minotaurs followed the Mistroad River through the Stone Forest valley and up the side of Sentinel Peak. There they found a place above the mists where the Mistroad cascaded over three natural shelves. Equipped with knowledge and craft gleaned from multiple cultures, they shaped the land to reflect their own new society.

When the Guardian Clan turned from the Horned King, their chieftain Asteron Stonesplitter had a dream. He dreamed he wandered the Endless Maze of Baphomet in the Abyss. Like a wild beast he fled its terrors, becoming ever the more lost. When all seemed hopeless, Asteron gathered his wits and stopped to contemplate the labyrinth. Vigilant and focused, he navigated the maze while recording its passages in his mind. Free from emotion, he reflected upon his choices and corrected his mistakes. When Asteron discovered the way out of the maze, he awoke.

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    About the Author

    Steve Townshend contributed to Monster Manual 3, which releases in June, and contributed to several D&D Insider projects. This is the first of several articles he has in the works.

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