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Winning Races: TieflingsD&D Insider Article
Bloodlines of Bael Turath: The Broken Mirrors
By Peter Schaefer

Some descendants of Bael Turath bear the mark and the power of Levistus, with whom their ancestors made their pacts. They do not lash out at the world in revenge and anger; they inflict their displeasure on the world constantly in the form of ill luck and general misfortune. During the time of their empire, they had a courtly name. In the years since, they have been called broken mirrors. For them, the Mantle of Misfortune racial trait replaces the Infernal Wrath racial trait.

Misfortune is never far from a tiefling who wishes ill luck upon the world. Adversity follows these tieflings like a loyal hound, manifesting in small accidents of bad timing and poor luck for those around him or her. Where such a tiefling walks, others trip and step into puddles of mud. Where he or she drinks, others spill or are served the wrong beverages. Where he or she sleeps, others find lice and suffer from restless nights. This bubble of ill fortune fades only while the tiefling has cursed a specific creature with focused misfortune.

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    About the Author

    Peter Schaefer fights with the accuracy of six elves, the endurance of two dwarves with extra temporary hit points, the wisdom of that deva that won’t leave you alone, the martial focus of a githzerai monk with extra action points, and the creativity of a halfling-gnome crossbreed. In his eternal war against Thought Queen Mentassis, he recruits allies through messages hidden in the projects he works on as an RPG developer, such as Adventurer’s Vault 2, Divine Power, and many D&D Insider articles. When he has found enough stalwart, skilled allies in his unending conflict, he shall engage a paradigm shift that will render Mentassis powerless.

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