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Where Do I Come From?D&D Insider Article
Character Backgrounds
By Peter Schaefer

Every hero comes from somewhere. Many rise from humble beginnings to become defenders of the realm, others have the benefit of high station and deep pockets as they become renowned adventurers. Almost all encounter great difficulties on their paths to heroism, events that challenge them and shape their futures. This modified background system provides you with a method for generating formative or pivotal events in your character’s past. It can replace or supplement other methods of choosing a background.

Possession: You spent a period possessed by a demon, unable to prevent the atrocities it committed with your body. Are you trying to correct the wrongs your body performed? Are there places where you are known as a villain? Associated Language: Abyssal. Associated Skills: Arcana.

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    About the Author

    Peter Schaefer insists on self-sufficiency in all ways. He wears only clothes he has sewn from fibers he has woven from plants he has grown or animals he has raised. He eats only meals he has prepared from fruits, vegetables, and animals he has raised. He also works on as an RPG developer on books such as Adventurer’s Vault 2, Divine Power, and many D&D Insider articles.

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