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Domains of Eberron and the Forgotten RealmsD&D Insider Article
By Logan Bonner

Domains were a staple of deities in 3rd Edition, but not reintroduced in 4th Edition until Divine Power hit shelves in July. In that supplement, domains were listed for each of the core deities, but not for the various deities of both the Forgotten Realms or Eberron. With this article, though, you'll have all the information you need to add domains to your Realms or Eberron campaign.

The worlds of Eberron and Toril have far different types of religions. One of the few commonalities is that each deity oversees certain spheres of influence. These domains provide a way for a character to focus on a certain part of a deity’s theme and to gain a closer connection to the deity by modifying at-will and Channel Divinity powers. (See Divine Power for the mechanical details of using domains.)

Your choice of domains, combined with the deity you worship, calls out certain traits of your character. A Tempus-worshiping cleric with the protection domain might be devoted to guarding allies in battle (and takes powers that give the most healing or defensive benefits). A different cleric might also follow Tempus, but choose the war domain instead, and lead allies charging into battle (choosing the battle cleric build and Strength-based powers).

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    Logan Bonner joined Wizards of the Coast in 2006 as an editor on Dungeons & Dragons. He had no experience in the industry prior to joining Wizards of the Coast, and marvels that his clever ruse has lasted this long. After doing some class design work for 4th Edition on the side, he joined the mechanical design team. His previous editing projects include Magic Item Compendium and Monster Manual V, and he wrote about half of the Eberron Survival Guide.

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