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Brightest of the Fallen Stars
by Matthew Sernett

The genasi of the Realms have carved out their own, very unique niche with the nation of Akanul. Airspur, its capital, is a wonder of magic. Built into the side of a coastal rift, its floating earthburgs and patrolling war drakes are awe inspiring. Learn about the rulers of Airspur, and the plots and machinations that make Airspur tick, with the first in this three-part series detailing the city.

None who have seen it can think of Airspur without envisioning its heights. Its sun-baked streets wind switchback paths down the bright cliffs, its steep stairs cut nearly vertical ascents between buildings, and its suspension bridges arc between earthmotes high overhead. Titanic pillars of stone rise from the sea to the level of the land above, and gleaming elemental spires hang with crystalline clarity all throughout Airspur.

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    About the Author

    Matthew Sernett has been a pizza cook, an onion packer, and an assembly line worker in a spring factory—grueling work that was surprisingly good endurance training for being the editor-in-chief of Dragon Magazine. After ceding that role to others with greater fortitude (keep it up, Chris!), he worked as D&D designer and helped to create 4th edition. He now happily splits his professional time between D&D design and world-building for Magic: The Gathering.

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