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Playing Warforged
By Chris SimsArt by Eric Deschamps

The 4th Edition Monster Manual gives a first look at the newest version of the warforged race. But this article presents the warforged race fully detailed, as if straight out of the pages of the Player’s Handbook. Complete with racial feats, paragon paths, rules for warforged components, and detailed information on including warforged in any D&D campaign—Eberron or otherwise—this article will satisfy any fans of this compelling race.

"Created as soldiers for a war that spelled the end of an age, warforged are artificial beings that display a human level of intelligence and self-awareness."

About the Author

Chris Sims started out working for small d20 companies in 2003, then landed a freelance editor gig for Wizards RPG R&D. Wizards finally got annoyed enough by his constant applications to hire him as the Duel Masters editor in 2005. From there, Chris wheedled his way into RPG R&D as an editor, and finally became a story designer after masterminding a few choice assassinations. His credits include Monster Manual V, Secrets of Sarlona, Rules Compendium, and the Eberron Survival Guide (thanks, Logan!).

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