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Genesis of a MonsterD&D Insider Article
Design & Development
By Chris Youngs and Peter Schaefer

We do a lot of tweaking at the Wizards of the Coast offices. We want our books to be perfect. We know they never will be, but we can do our best. In this article, we explore the creation and development of the mithral dragon, introduced in Draconomicon 2.

The process begins with the designer working from the outline. The outline said the following about the dragon:

Mithral dragons are driven by prophecy and oracular visions, some of which may bring them into conflict with PCs who may be destined to cause some great problem elsewhere.

Mithral (10) skirmisher; boss Air, Astral Radiant + fear? Mystic, prophetic, bound to destiny; new take on the radiant dragon

This becomes a series of dragon stat blocks (ranging upward in age), the surrounding text for the monster entry, and a mash of other pages dealing with the mithral dragon throughout the book.

When the authors are finished with the book, it moves on to development, which looks over the entire thing for mechanical strength. In this case, we’ll take a close look at what development did to the mithral dragon.

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