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First Impression, Part 2
Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard
By Shelly Mazzanoble

Allow me to introduce the party.

I am Majeka Magicmaker, an 8th-level gray elf magic-user. To my right is Laura, aka Shab "Shabulous" Heanling, a 12th-level half-elf thief. Mark, to my left, plays Darg Blonke, a 7th-level gray elf fighter, and Chuck rounds out the group as Fage the Kexy, a 7th-level gray elf cleric.

"Fage," I said. "Like the yogurt?"

"One and the same," he said.

We are gathered here on a cloudy Friday afternoon due to my desire to experience what D&D was like "back in the day." All those guys who look back on their 80's dragon-slaying love affair with the same misty-eyed dreaminess that I get when I think about that day in 1986 when Jon Bon Jovi winked at me when his limo passed by on the way to the Arena. (Yes, the windows were tinted, but I'm sure I saw him wink.) Ahh, I can practically smell the Aqua Net. Fortunately, you're always a dice roll away from coworkers looking for a pick-up D&D game. Of the four of us, Chuck is the only one who has ever played 1st Edition.

There is, however, one oddity at the table.

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There’s a 75% chance that Shelly Mazzanoble turned this column in on time, an 85% chance next month’s will be later, and a 95% chance that she is all caught up on The Real Housewives of New York.

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