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Geryon, the Broken BeastD&D Insider Article
Codex of Betrayal
by Ari Marmell

Throughout the realms of creation, few devils boast a name as widely recognized as that of Geryon. Called the Wild Beast, the Trifold Duke, and—in the modern age—the Broken Beast, Geryon was once the ruler of Stygia, fifth layer of the Nine Hells. For a time, Geryon enjoyed all that Asmodeus promised him, and more. That was, until the new uprising, when the dukes of the Nine Hells turned upon Asmodeus—all save Geryon himself. For his loyalty, Geryon was punished, stripped of rank and power, and exiled from the Pit. Today, the Broken Beast is perhaps the worst sort of devil: unbound to the Nine Hells, without direction and with nothing to lose.

Long did Geryon gaze with many eyes upon his brother angel. "And we know, too, of your ambitions, but we share them not. Why, then, should our hatred of our lord inspire fealty to one such as you?" asked he.

"I can offer you power such as you have never known, a realm of possibilities undreamt of. You shall sit at my right hand, that none might gainsay you."

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    About the Author

    Ari Marmell was born in New York, moved to Houston when he was a year old, moved to Austin when he was 27, but has spent most of his life living in other worlds through a combination of writing and roleplaying games. He has been writing more or less constantly for the last dozen years, though he has only been paid for it the past five. He is the author of multiple roleplaying game supplements including work on Dungeons & Dragons. Ari lives in Austin with his wife George and two cats.

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