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OrcsD&D Insider Article
by Mike McNerney and Greg Bilsland

Adventurers frequently leave the safety of civilization behind and sojourn into uncharted and uncivilized lands. The lack of civility they might encounter has no greater representative than the orc. An orc, no matter the tribe, embodies barbarism in one form or another. When you need an enemy that disrupts the civilized world by its mere presence, you need an orc or even a tribe of them. That's what you'll find in this month's installment of Creature Incarnations.

Sometimes a single tribe of orcs is insufficient to achieve an end that an orc leader desires. In these cases, orc tribes join together to form a horde. Within a tribe, an orc's position is determined by its strength, though strength can be a relative term depending on what the orc tribe prizes most in its members. Orcs take challenges from powerful opponents, including fellow orcs, seriously. But, true to their cunning nature, if an enemy appears close to equal or even stronger, orcs try to swarm that enemy, relying on superior numbers.

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    About the Author

    Michael McNerney lives in Portland, Oregon with his supportive wife who still can't believe that "professional D&D geek" is a valid career goal. He is overjoyed to be contributing to the game he has loved since elementary school.

    Greg Bilsland is a game editor and game designer at Wizards of the Coast. His recent and upcoming design credits include the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, Monster Manual 2, Divine Power, and Primal Power. His recent editing credits include Player's Handbook 2 and Monster Manual 2. He welcomes anyone with twitter to keep up with his work at

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