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Winning Races: GenasiD&D Insider Article
By Peter Schaefer

The innate elemental natures of genasi make them suited to the challenges of life in the Elemental Chaos—and to lives as slaves to the many cruel and mighty creatures of that plane. So many of the genasi living in the Elemental Chaos are trapped in forced servitude that a secret group exists to free them and ferry them to the natural world: the Amethyst Sea. It plans and executes operations from two headquarters: one in the world and one in the Elemental Chaos.

Deception is the Amethyst Sea’s greatest weapon. Few rescues are direct assaults on the slave traffickers or owners, because the Amethyst Sea cannot muster the resources to effectively meet their wealthy opponents blow for blow. Ameth and her allies instead infiltrate their enemies’ organizations, working with slave traffickers to gain their trust or entering the employment of a major slave owner.

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    About the Author

    Peter Schaefer is a sentient cactus. He (though gender assignation is arbitrary) can move under his own power through telekinesis, which also allows him to manipulate his computer through its standard peripherals. His vegetable perspective makes him an essential RPG developer on such products as Primal Power, Dark Sun, and Player’s Handbook 3, in addition to numerous D&D Insider articles. But do not cross him; the needles he can fire carry deadly venom.

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