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The Unbroken Circle
By Jeff Morgenroth

The citizens of Erathium live in the specter of their ancestors, their hearts open to corruption—but even amid this urban squalor are those sworn to remember. They are the Unbroken Circle, an invisible knife against the growing darkness of the world. This unity of avengers is one of dauntless faith and ruthless fervor, selflessly protecting the descendants and lost customs of Nerath. However, they need your help. Erathium’s golden domes are tarnished. Haggard citadels now glower over the pride of this once splendid city of Nerath. Citizens cast refuse into streets where processions of regal kings once marched. Most care nothing for the shattered glory of their heritage, scorning temples and scrawling petty graffiti across friezes of a better time.

As a member of the Unbroken Circle, you must operate in secret because Irion’s actions are still assumed to have started the dark years of oppression following the empire’s collapse. Even the Erathian temple views you as a self-righteous heretic and vigilante. When you appear, death follows, and your “lawlessness” is cursed in the name of the same god you and the Circle serve. People don’t realize that you’re their most dedicated protector, hunting only those unseen and insidious forces that corrupt others.

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    About the Author

    Lurking in the outskirts of Seattle, Jeff Morgenroth has mastered fires of endless academia and the soulless drudgery of the skittering rat-race, at last making his pact with the baleful entities at Wizards of the Coast. He edited a portion of Monster Manual 2, and it is prophesied that his name will defile the pages of more books soon.

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