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Clerics of ProphecyD&D Insider Article
Class Acts
By David Adams

Typically aloof and preoccupied with their own cosmic, unfathomable agendas, deities rarely communicate directly with their mortal followers. On occasion, however, they attempt to intervene in the affairs of the world, and when they choose to do so, the nature of their minds, the power of their thoughts, and their own whimsy often forces them to rely on other forms of communication, such as mortal prophets. Only the most devout servants of the gods have the patience and tenacity of will to serve in such a capacity.

Prophetic servants share a watchful, pensive disposition, whether or not they have clung to their sanity through exposure to the source of their divine inspiration. With divinely inspired insight, they attempt to discern messages in mundane occurrences. A dream of ravens might presage the death of a family member. The alignment of stars might foretell an auspicious birth. Windblown leaves might warn of an impending conf lict. These signs arise without warning, often come unbidden, and are frequently part of some greater missive.

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    About the Author

    David Adams has been playing Dungeons & Dragons for nearly ten years. During this time he has manage to obtain a bachelor’s degree in biology and bathe regularly. This is his first article, the result of maddening visions imparted to him by the dark, forgotten gods he serves within the secluded primeval wilderness of eastern Kentucky.

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