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Swordmage: the SpellbindersD&D Insider Article
Class Acts
By Matt James

Spellbinders are black sheep in many social circles, having forsaken true dedication to conventional spellcasting by integrating martial disciplines in their studies. However, they are not in any way inferior, as they prove time and time again in their various victories across the known world. Many kings and emperors alike have enlisted the help of the Spellbinders to help sway the tide of battles and ultimately win wars.

Once harvested from the clutches of their traditional life, Spellbinder hopefuls receive training in formal martial arts, utilizing swordplay to enhance their scholarly understanding of magic. Each undergoes a series of trials that serves to instruct the pupil and allow instructors to evaluate the student’s progress. A Master Spellbinder, called a Rubicant, carefully watches over each pupil and guides him or her on a path of pure balance.

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    About the Author

    Matt James is a disabled combat veteran, having earned a Bronze Star and Purple Heart from his recent service in the United States Army. When not freelance writing for the Dungeons & Dragons game, he works on developing his website (

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