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Class Acts
By Daniel Jones

Shields have always been a dominant image in the fighter mythos. Combatants recognize the celebrated knight by the fearsome coat of arms on his or her shield. The vigilant guardian raises one to protect friends from dragon-fire. The fallen hero is carried home on his or her shield, which serves as the best reminder of the duty he or she gave his or her life to accomplish. This article provides numerous tools for characters who wish to continue that iconic tradition.

Both legend and conventional wisdom suggest that dwarves first developed the style of fighting that exchanged a weapon for an extra shield. Being stalwart by nature, they appreciated a tactic that might favor those who stand fast. Being stubborn by nature, they vigorously pursued something counterintuitive until they made it work.

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    This is Daniel Jones’s first article for Dragon magazine. Now he has a loving and beautiful wife, they’re expecting their first child, and he’s written for the Dungeons & Dragons game. Dreams do come true.

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