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Shaman: Spirit LeaderD&D Insider Article
Class Acts
By Russell Jones and Jeramy Pappas

As a shaman character grows in power, his or her view of the spirit world becomes clearer, and his ability grows to manipulate and coax more power from the surrounding spirits in unique ways. Each shaman character can become a paragon of the spirit realm and the natural world. The four new paragon paths presented here will aid you in that quest.

A shaman’s uniqueness in the leader role comes from more than just the source of his or her power. Although your shaman character fills the same role as a cleric, warlord, artificer, or bard, how your shaman sees the world and leads allies through it are vastly different. Where others see actions and consequences, your character sees a writhing vortex of spirits underlying every move your shaman and his or her allies make. Much like an architect reads a blueprint, your shaman sees life not as a whole but as a collection of parts invisible to most of the outside world.

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    About the Authors

    Russell Jones and Jeramy Pappas currently work in TV news but would prefer to sit around and think about dwarves and goblins all day. They live in Arkansas, where they prowl the night looking for sparkly vampires to stake or a decent gaming store, whichever comes first. This is their second article for Dragon magazine.

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