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Avenger PrayersD&D Insider Article
Class Acts
By Rodney Thompson

Avengers can sometimes encounter difficulties in attacking the targets of their oath of enmity. In some cases, their oath of enmity target flees or is otherwise removed from the battlefield, making it impossible to continue attacking them, while in other cases the avenger is adjacent to multiple enemies. The 15 powers in this article are designed to help avengers continue to take advantage of their oath of enmity even under circumstances where they would not normally be able to do so.

You force away the chaff that is your enemy’s allies with divine energy, leaving no one to interfere with your pursuit of vengeance.

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    About the Author

    Rodney Thompson is a developer and designer at Wizards of the Coast. His previous design credits include the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition, the Clone Wars Campaign Guide supplement, and the Scum and Villainy supplement.

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