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Sorcerer EssentialsD&D Insider Article
Arcana's Wild Card
By Rob Heinsoo

The sorcerer is the D&D game’s freewheeling spellcaster, a deadly blaster capable of dealing striker-level damage, sometimes to many enemies at once. As a spellcaster whose power rises from natural talent and bloodline rather than careful study and arcane formulas, the sorcerer is the deliberate antithesis of the carefully buttoned-down wizard. A touch of wildness exists in every sorcerer.

Playing a chaos sorcerer, your first tier of accomplishment comes when you revel in creating unpredictable situations during play. Your second tier of accomplishment arrives when all the other players begin watching your attack rolls carefully, realizing the difference one of your odd or even rolls can make upon the battlefield. The third tier of accomplishment comes when you achieve control within chaos, understanding all the possible random consequences of your actions and attacks and setting yourself up to maximize the beneficial effects of any possible outcome.

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    About the Author

    Rob Heinsoo is a senior designer at Wizards of the Coast and the lead designer of the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game. He also designed the Three-Dragon Ante and Inn-Fighting card games.

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